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A Toronto SEO and Web Design company who cares about their clients

toronto seo and web design

Search Engine Sherpas specializes in local Toronto SEO and Web design.  We are located within the beautiful city of Toronto, in the downtown core. 

As a new start up within an expanding industry full of experts, how do Search Engine Sherpas standout? Well for starters, we have basically no overhead.  We run our business through remote offices located throughout Toronto. We don't spend extra money where we don't need to, therefore we come at a very reasonable cost.  We don’t mark up our clients and we don’t upsell you on things you do not need.  Our methods are tried and tested, fully compliant with all major search engines, while still being creative and fun. 

We enjoy working with a wide range of clients regardless of how big their business needs are.  To dig a little bit deeper into our customer relations, sometimes we like to do case studies on their business if it was a special project or if we are extremely pleased with the results.  A recent client, Laura Brown, of, is a perfect example of a dream case scenario when working with a client.

Usually when we first get started with a new client, we must first identify what exactly their needs are, and what they currently already have.  In some cases, a business will already have a website, but it is under performing when it comes to search, or perhaps the design was created 10 years ago and is not mobile friendly.  Sometimes a client is just starting off from scratch and need base point of attack on how to launch their website and start the marketing process.

With Mineseismix, we were approached by Laura with a basic wireframe of a site focused on providing high level technical content about seismic mining data.  She presented a clear concept of how she envisioned the site, but also presented a perceived problem from her end.  The content for the site was very technical, long, and uneasy on the eye. She wanted to display the content in a creative way to the user without scaring them with massive blocks of text; a common problem with web developers, and content creators.  Luckily, this problem is not as bad as it seems for someone with experience. Here at  Search Engine Sherpas, we specialize in content creation, so right from the start we had ideas on how to help.

Everything within the wire frame was neatly labelled and instructions were provided with mock-ups she had created from scratch.  Seeing this at first, we could do nothing but grin.  Over the past year, we at Search Engine Sherpas have had some great clients, but none were as prepared, and this made working with Mineseismix a 10/10 experience. 

Essentially, each client is unique and requires something different.  That is why we don't really advertise fit prices on things because we understand the complexities of each business. 

So when you are searching for Toronto SEO or Toronto Web Design companies, make sure you research who you decide to go with and try to get to know the owner, or the specialist assigned to your file.  The best results are always achieved when positive relationships are formed between us and our clients. 

Search Engine Sherpas
Search Engine Sherpas
Search Engine Sherpas is a Toronto SEO and Web Design company located within the downtown core.

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