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SEO Tip: Study your competitors
April 15, 2016
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Hello and welcome to the Search Engine Sherpas!

Let me first start off by saying that I am extremely pleased to launch our new website.  This is my very first blog post on this page; expect many more to come on the topics of SEO, Social Media, Marketing, and Web Design.  There might be the odd post about fishing as well 🙂

Search Engine Sherpas started off as an idea, like most other companies.  Rod and I had been thinking of starting something for a very long time.  It only made sense that we’d create a company with a practice both of us were familiar with.  It didn’t come into full reality for myself until my department was unexpectedly laid off (outsourced) at my job.  I was doing full-time SEO for a large dating website with over 40,000,000 members.  However, my exposure to SEO, consumer trends, and analytics taught me a lot about the industry on a global level.  Prior to that, I was doing reporting and analytics for TD Bank.  I worked at the bank for over 10 years in that role, and in IT for their social media division.

Part of SEO is being creative.  It’s not just a bunch of link sharing and spam.  There are effective ways to get your content out there.  Throughout the course of this blog, I will be sharing different SEO techniques that the Sherpas come up with.  Sharing is caring and we don’t believe that hording information about what we do should be secret.  The point is to learn, and share your knowledge with others.  If we can help along the way, then that is perfect.


Search Engine Sherpas
Search Engine Sherpas
Search Engine Sherpas is a Toronto SEO and Web Design company located within the downtown core.

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