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SEO Audit Tool

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Try our free SEO tool to analyze your website.  The tool is surprisingly valuable in terms of providing a simple blueprint on what you need to accomplish for SEO within your website.

The SEO tool analyzes the URL you input, matched with a keyword of your choice.  It checks the meta data within the URL being fetched, analyzes the data, and generates a scorecard based off the criteria.

It can give you a clear understanding of what you need to accomplish on your site, even if you score a high grade.  The SEO tool will also generate a task list of potential fixes or upgrades to improve the overall health of your site.

The best part, is that it's free!  Well, free for you that is. 

Take advantage of the tool for as many sites as you please. The reports are generated quickly and sent to your e-mail in a quality PDF format.

If you are curious about the reports look like from this free SEO tool, then we encourage you to read the rest of the post as we will provide some screenshots and descriptions of what the tool has to offer.

Let first start off the the overall landing page analysis score.  In this article, we will use our project site as the example.

As you can see, the tool checks various signals, will let you know how many issues it has found, then assigns an overall grade. It will also render a screenshot of your site and what it looks like above the fold.

The above the fold portion of your landing page holds the most weight for the search engines when they crawl, so it's always a good idea to drop your important keywords here wrapped in a header tag.

Further down the report, the tool goes into greater detail about your header tags, and your most popular keywords used on the page.  If you have a large page with a lot of text or content, expect to see lots of useful data here. 

This is particularly useful if you have duplicates in the headers, or just reoccurring too often within the text. 

There is another section for copy analysis within the report.  It is important to realize that the copy on your page might be the single most important element.  After all, it is what the user reads. 

This tool will not tell you how to write great copy, but it will give you some pointers 

As you can see, it will highlight the areas that are "acceptable" and terms that need "fixing" within the tool.  Keep in mind, we use this as a guideline, and do not hold it to a 100% standard.  

Having 2000+ words on any given landing page is difficult to do, but it is achievable.  Even if you don't have 2000+ words, that's OK, but we do know for a fact that Google rewards pages with more copy.  In fact, many reputable SEO blogs cite that 2500+ and 3000+ words are the way to go. For example, Yoast correlates that their content with 2500+ words pretty much always performs better in the SERP and for gaining links.

The point is, this SEO tool will identify issues like this and easily point it out for you.

Another major ranking factor for all search engines is your mobile markup. Sites that are not mobile friendly are a thing of the past.  Mobile search traffic, and overall internet usage among mobile devices, has surpassed desktop surfing as of 2014, and has been trending upwards with no signs of slowing down.

Even if you forget the actual stats, the ol' eye test proves to backup that data.  What does that mean? Living in a major city like Toronto, it's easy to use physically see almost every single person on their cell phone in certain environments.  For example, on the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) it is almost a rarity to NOT see someone on their phone. 

The SEO tool will help identify critical areas within your mobile markup. 

As you can see, there is still some work to do on this site and adding a mobile sitemap should be a priority.  A nice little screenshot of your mobile page above the fold will also render within the report.

Definitely focus on this area for fixing your SEO if you have not already. 

Social signals are also another major factor that this tool will analysis and put emphasis on. Social signals today hold major weight in terms of page rankings.  The more signals, the better.

Having a blog is also extremely important because that is where all your posts, or updates to your company should go.  Google is always crawling for new relevant content, and quite often that will come from your blog. 

Every company or business should be using social media to leverage their content. Even if you have no followers, you need to start somewhere with social media profiles.  Eventually, people will come and follow if you keep it active and provide value.  

Another interesting element to the SEO tool is the domain analysis page, which also picks up technical SEO details.

Small technical elements to SEO are often overlooked, such as having a robots.txt file or a favicon, but they actually make quite a difference.  When you add up all the small technical matters, it can become quite a lot. 

Other interesting things to note within this section of the analysis are the tidbits about the domain itself.  It will let you know how long your domain has been registered, and when its set to expire.  These two signals factor in as well, as domain age is a positive ranking factor the older it is. 

At the end of it all, the tool will generate a nifty little task list of all your outstanding items at the end.  Working off a list will help keep you organized, and it is always satisfying to physically cross or checkoff an item once you have completed it.

This tool again is just a blueprint of the current state of your site matched with a keyword of your choice.  It is not the holy grail, but it definitely is insightful and can help you identify areas of concern, or areas where you can improve. 

To recap, if you want some insight on your landing page, our SEO tool will analyze various factors and generate a quality PDF report which includes:

  • Landing page analysis and score out of 100
  • Keyword analysis
  • Copy analysis
  • Mobile markup
  • Social signals
  • Technical details including information about your domain
  • A task list for you to work off for fixing or improving areas within your landing page

The tool is located on the homepage of our site, and we definitely encourage you to use it anytime you want!

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