We build custom, fast, and responsive websites designed for you specifically.

At Search Engine Sherpas, we specialize in creating fully functional websites that are fast on mobile, and SEO friendly.

We primarily use Wordpress as our content management system (CMS) to operate and design our websites. Why do we use Wordpress?

Wordpress is simply the best mainstream content management system around.  That is our opinion, and we’re sticking to it!

  • Easy to use: The hardest part about learning Wordpress is remembering where all the menu options are.  Seriously! Once you get the hang of that, you’ll realize how simple Wordpress is.  Incase you really doubt your skills, we can provide a PDF booklet on where to find things within the various Wordpress menus.
  • Plugins: If you want your site to have a custom application, or perform a specific task, chances are there is a Wordpress plugin for it.  With nearly 50,000 Wordpress plugins at your finger tips, the possibilities are endless.
  • Support/community: If you’ve had an issue with your Wordpress site, chances are a thousand other people have had the same problem.  The community is seriously that big.   The support for things out of our control with the Themes that we use, are top notch as well. Wordpress is easily the most commonly used CMS for a reason.
  • Quick to install: Most web hosting services offer one-click install features on their hosting platform.  It’s usually just a click of a button, and you can install Wordpress very quickly.
  • Fully responsive: Internet traffic has been mobile dominant for years now, and continues to trend upwards. People live through their various devices now, including cell phones, tablets, and laptops. It's important to have a fully responsive design across these different platforms.


responsive design template

Of course there are other content management systems that you can use, but we work the best and fastest with Wordpress.  Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, Target, Best Buy, and Sony all use Wordpress as their CMS to run their websites and blogs.  So if you are worried about not being able to scale with it, think again.

When we approach a new project with a client, we take a real hands on approach so we can get your site looking and performing exactly how you want it.

Our sites are also fully optimized for SEO. We are the Search Engine Sherpas after all!  While creating your site, we make sure your on-page and technical SEO are optimized and performing in accordance to search engines crawlers.

We offer three main packages:

We are very transparent with our clients and have no problems sharing information about how we create their sites with specific templates and plugins.

Custom CSS and additional code is always applied to the sites to give them an extra personal feel.  We NEVER slap on an out-of-box template and present it to you.  We have more pride than that, and always want to apply a custom touch and feel to each site we create.