We specialize in SEO copywriting

Along with all our other SEO services, we are proud to offer authentic, high quality SEO copy.  As you know, having great content for your website is time consuming, tedious, and doesn't always convert, but it is necessary.

At Search Engine Sherpas, we offer a range of copywriting packages to help bring traffic to your website, and to engage your potential customers or subscribers. 

All our copy is 100% original and guaranteed to be unique.  For example, we've written copy for five different dental offices around Toronto that have no relations to each other.  We took a different approach for each website, did individual keyword research, and came up with a content strategy that did not infringe upon each other.

All our copywriters are University educated and were born in Canada.  We take pride in our work, and each piece that is sent out undergoes multiple edits.

We will not write about something if we are not completely confident on the subject matter, because bullshitting your way through an article can easily be identified.  This rarely happens, but if we were approached to write 10,000 words on astrophysics, we would most likely turn down the job.

We do not want to put forth a piece of writing, unless we are completely happy with the quality of work. 

There are plenty of Toronto copywriters out there, but our intent is to provide nothing but the very best in SEO copywriting.  

We offer three main packages for SEO copywriting: 


500-1000 words

1000-1750 words

1750-2500 words

Optimized for SEO   
Meta Descriptions   
H1, H2, H3 Headers   
Targeted Keywords 2 3 5
Supporting Keywords 3 5 8
100% Uniquely Researched Content   
Embedded Images 1 3 5
Feature Image for Thumbnail View   
Competitor Analysis   
COST 7 cents per word 8 cents per word 9 cents per word