SEO for your business

Search Engine Optimization has been a concept floating around the internet for as long as search engines have existed.  However, with Google completely taking over the search engine market, things have changed considerably over time.  SEO is a vital part of growing your business if you have an online presence.  Read through this page, and the different sections under the SEO menu tab if you're interested in learning more about how it works, and how we can help your business.

What is SEO and how does it work?

There are a lot of different elements to SEO and Google will be the first company to tell you that there is no secret method to success.  Google keeps their search engine ranking algorithm top secret.  In fact, I bet if you asked someone who worked at Google to explain the algorithm, they would have a very hard time.  The reason for this, is they are constantly updating it.  It has been said that Google makes over 500+ algorithm changes per year, so by this logic, it would be extremely hard to define something that is constantly changing.

Yes, the Google search engine algorithm is a secret, however we do know a lot of important information about SEO that is tried, tested, and proven.  There are two major factors in SEO that will never change:

  1. Content is king: This is the oldest saying in SEO.  The belief is that if you create high quality content that is rich in keywords, people will be attracted to your site and want to keep coming back.  Google has always stated that having quality content is important because it adds value to your site.  Everything Google done is based off of value, and the higher value the better.  If you have poorly written/thin/plagiarized content, Google will recognize this and potentially penalize you.  

  2. Create backlinks to share your content: Once you have your amazing content, you'll want to share it with other sources.  This can include blog sites of similar niches, news sites, and social media networks.  Once your content has been shared on another entity, it creates another footprint called a backlink which Google sees as basically a signal pointing from one place to another.  Some of these backlinks are worth more than others.  This goes back to the first point we spoke of where Google assigns a value to literally everything and backlinks are no different.  For example, if you write a piece of content that gets shared on a reputable site that holds a lot of authority, the backlink pointing from their site to yours will be worth considerably more than if that reputable site was instead a new blog created last week.  

Now that you know the very basics, we will give you a brief outline of other SEO tactics and knowledge.

Content creation

As mentioned above, content is king. One of the most important steps in SEO is creating great content that people will want to share, and keep coming back for more. Easier said than done, but it is possible with a little bit of effort. We have unique strategies for writing content and displaying it in a way to catch the attention of your audience.

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Local SEO

Local search is a unique form of SEO that increases the online visibility of a website or business for a geographical area through targeting related keywords. This means that customers in your area will see your business first. Search engines are incorporating local search into their organic searches in an effort to provide more meaningful search results to users. Our local SEO services are designed to bring local, targeted traffic to your website.

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On-page SEO

On-Page SEO is an internal part of your website and offers the ability to influence search ranking results directly. Even small additions or adjustments can have a large impact, so it is important that your website takes every advantage that is available in order to see overall performance improvements. Basic On-page SEO strategies mostly involve content, and how to format it properly. Other things like meta information, ALT text, and having correct headers all factor in too.

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Off-page SEO

70% of Google’s ranking algorithm is based on Off-Page SEO factors. The algorithm determines the position rankings of websites in search results pages, which focuses in large part on Off-Page ranking factors. This means external indicators that are not found on or controllable through content on your website. Our Off-Page SEO optimization is aimed at fostering Google trust in order to boost search engine ranking and in turn creating brand awareness, creating brand authority, driving traffic and building sales.

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YouTube SEO

There is a special type of SEO for YouTube. If you think about it, it makes total sense that YouTube SEO would exist. When you go to YouTube, most people use the search feature to find a video. Their search works similar to that of Google, or any other search engine. There are special techniques for making your video more relevant to show up in YouTube's search results.

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SEO Site Auditing

We use SEO site auditing to assess the initial situation of a website. We can quickly gather information collected by web crawlers to get a better understanding of what type of work needs to be done to your webpage. Many different things can be learned from a single SEO site audit. Important information about your page structure, speed, mobile speed, and content can all be learned by doing a quick site audit. We are happy to share our findings with you after performing an SEO site audit.

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Keyword Research and Analysis

The terms that you physically type into the search bar of a search engine are called keywords. These keywords are important for your content because you want to make sure you target relevant keywords for your brand that will generate quality traffic to your website.

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Technical SEO

Technical SEO is another very important aspect to SEO, but many people are not educated about it, or confused by it. Specific things about how files are configured on your server, or how to re-direct a page properly are important features of technical SEO. We are highly trained in all technical matters of the web, and have a long history of working in IT related fields. We will make sure the technical side of SEO is covered for your businesses website.

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Google Penalty Assessment

Sometimes Google will penalize a site if they believe foul play was at hand. They will do this if they suspect a site owner was using black hat SEO (such as taking shortcuts and creating or buying spam links) to rank their site. Penalties are often assessed incorrectly, and the process of getting them removed can be complicated. If your business needs help with a Google penalty assessment, we can help by providing an action plan on how to tackle the situation. Like most action plans, the first step is to identify the problem. After it has been determined that there is one, we will identify the problem and take steps in correcting it.

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Spam Link Removal

If you have a major competitor in an industry, or in a specific geographical location, they might perform black hat SEO on you, to improve their market share. They might do this by creating hundreds (or even thousands) of low quality, spammy links to devalue your page. If this happens, you need to get rid of these links. It is essential to keep your site in high standing with Google, otherwise they might penalize you. Our techniques will help identify and remove these spam links from harming your business.

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