If your sites rankings have dropped while decreasing your traffic, you may need a Google Penalty Assessment.

Sometimes Google will penalize a site if they believe foul play was at hand.  They will do this if they suspect a site owner was using black hat seo (such as taking shortcuts and spam links) to rank their site. Penalties are often assessed incorrectly, and the process to getting them removed can be complicated.

If your business needs help with a Google penalty assessment, we can help by providing an action plan on how to tackle the situation.  The first step is actually identifying if there is penalty.  If there is one, we will determine which penalty it is and how your website has been affected.

After assessing this information, we can provide next steps to getting your situation addressed and corrected.  Sometimes, the effects of a penalty can be drastic and cause lasting changes.  Many businesses rely on SEO to bring organic traffic to their webpage to sell their product.  If a penalty has incurred, dollars can be lost which can significantly impact your business.

Remember: we can recover your site from a penalty and help you comply with Google’s guidelines.  If you follow the guidelines correctly, it will protect your site from further penalties which could occur in the future.

How do Google Penalties Work?

Google Penalties can be broken down into two main categories:

  1. Content: Is your content low quality? Do you have a bunch of repeating text or no text at all? Google can determine this easily through their advanced algorithm.
  2. Links: Are your links considered to be spam? Were they purchased in bulk from the same IP address from questionable link profiles?

Google change their algorithm ALL the time. Literally, everyday little changes are made.  This keeps their algorithm a constant secret. Every once in a while, a major patch of changes will be released such as the previous Google Panda, or Google Penguin updates.  These bigger patches, can significantly impact a massive amount of sites all at once by applying their Google penalties to them.  They can significantly impact your website rankings, and more importantly your traffic.

If you think you have been hit with a Google penalty, Search Engine Sherpas can help.  You can recover from it, but it will take time and patience.  It will take a commitment to follow best practices and white hat SEO techniques for content quality and high authority backlinks.