Build your SEO strategy around keywords that matter most to your business and increase traffic to your website.

The foundation of any SEO strategy is your keyword targets. We research how customers search for your products or services and tailor your website content to help you get found in search. Our keyword research and analysis ensures that your website is found in search engines for relevant keywords. You will gain the advantage of:

  • increased traffic from relevant keywords
  • continual analysis of keywords to ensure performance
  • realize keyword trends and expand opportunities for getting found in search
  • foundation building for short and long-term SEO goals

Search Engine Sherpas Keyword Research and Analysis

Our inclusive keyword analysis and research platform incorporates state-of-the-art keyword tools to realize opportunities for you. We base our research on search volume, competition, relevancy and more.

Keyword Research: Target keywords are identified through detailed analysis of search volumes, niche competition and capabilities of your organization. We use in-house techniques and the newest software to determine which target keywords will be most productive to your website.

Keyword Reporting: All findings and recommendations will be presented to you in a detailed report with the aim of gathering your valuable input to form part of our SEO strategy.

Competition Analysis: Conducting research of your marketplace will allow us to identify areas of opportunity for you to gain a competitive advantage through keyword targeting.

Keyword Monitoring: We stay on top of keyword trends through monthly monitoring to target seasonal keywords and adjust our strategy to search volume fluctuations.

Communicate with your customers in their own language by targeting the keywords they use to find businesses like yours.