SEO site auditing is essential for understanding your webpage.

Search Engine Sherpas use SEO site auditing to assess the initial situation of a website.  We can quickly gather information collected by web crawlers to get a better understanding of what type of work needs to be done to your webpage.  Many different things can be learned from a single seo site audit.  The following is a list of just a few things we will quickly learn about your webpage:

  • Proper title and title length
  • Correct amount of H1, H2, H3 headers
  • Are there broken links? Identify and fix them
  • Do all your images have ALT text?
  • Do you have enough content on your webpage?
  • Is the text/html ratio too low?
  • Updated HTML5/CSS3 markup
  • Meta description/keywords
  • Optimized for mobile
  • Page load speed

As you can see, there are quite a few items when performing SEO site auditing, and these are only just a few.  One of the biggest factors we focus on when performing a site audit is the speed of the page and how it functions on mobile and tablet devices.

seo mobile stats

Google has put a lot of emphasis when it comes to SEO for mobile.  This makes sense, because as of 2014, mobile users have surpassed desktop users in terms of Internet usage.  According to, the amount of global users accessing the internet through their mobile devices is in the billions, and the trend continues to accelerate at a rapid pace.

If you would like to take advantage of our service for SEO site auditing, we would be glad to help.  We will provide a PDF file of your site analysis for keywords vital to your business niche.

It is important to know critical areas your webpage can be improved, so we can focus on those areas immediately.  Often little things are discovered that may not have the largest impact, but they should always be followed for optimal site health and as a best practice.

On the flip side, we can also determine if your webpage is strong from an on-page SEO perspective so we can focus our efforts on things like building your backlink imprint and your social signals.  We always appreciated well constructed webpages, and will be honest with you after conducting a full SEO site audit.  If we determine your page is strong and already ranking high, we will tell you that you may not necessarily need additional SEO.

Conducting site auditing should be performed on a regular basis.  If you are building links, and creating content, site auditing should be part of your weekly SEO routine.