Need help with Spam Link Removal ?

To the contrary of white hat SEO, comes black hat SEO.  Black hat SEO involves method of creating links in a spammy nature, among other things.  Sometimes, if you have a website, somebody can perform black hat SEO to negatively impact your search engine rankings.  The person performing the black hat SEO might purchase or create spam, linking to your website.  Spam links are frowned upon by Google because they hold no value and can effect your domain spam score.

When we think of backlinks, we have to consider the value each of them bring.  Previously, people doing SEO could get away with creating or purchasing backlinks of low value, but in large numbers to increase their keyword rankings.  Google has since cracked down on that type of practice, and spam backlinks are now considered to be harmful to your website.

If you have a major competitor in an industry, or in a geographical area, they might perform black hat SEO on you, to improve their market share. Spam link removal is essential when this happens.

SEO’s should always be on the look out for spam links.  There are methods to remove these spam links from search engines so they will not impact you.  The key is to be able to identify them and in a quick matter.

Search Engine Sherpas uses various tools to assess these harmful black hat SEObacklinks.  Because we have an open mind, we like to use a variety of tools to get different readings.  A lot of the really “big” SEO companies have their own custom software which gives you access to their backlink database.  We are then able access the data in easy to read dashboards and generate reports. A few of the SEO tools we use are:

  • MOZ Pro: MOZ is good for assessing spam scores and researching competitor data.
  • AHREFS: We trust the backlink database of Ahrefs the most.
  • Google Webmaster Tools: To utilize Google disavow files to help remove spam links.
  • Screaming Frog: A nice free tool to quickly assess page links.

If you want to learn more about how black hat SEO can negatively impact your business, or to get help with spam link removal, please contact us!