What is Technical SEO?

When people traditionally think about SEO, they think about things like creating excellent content rich with keywords, and then sharing that content with other sources to create backlinks.  This is all correct, but there is another side of SEO which involves a basic amount of technical knowledge.

What do we mean by technical?

  • Interacting with files on your web server.
  • Controlling your robots.txt file
  • Making sure you have clean URLS
  • Editing files like .htaccess to configure elements on your site

The Sherpas have a strong technical background with our staff previously working in IT environments for multiple years.

How we can help you with Technical SEO

Since the staff at Search Engine Sherpas have a strong technical background in SEO and other web related industries, we can help you or consult you to make technical changes for your website.  It is important to be educated about the types of technical SEO we refer to when we discuss your website, so below are a few terms written in plain English:

your webpages .htaccess file

There is a file that resides on your websites server that can control how pages and URL addresses interact with your browser.  Think of it as a configuration file that rests at the root level of your site. Things you can control in this file are the way your URL structure appears.  For example, if you typed our URL into the address bar searchenginesherpas.com how would it appear once the page has finished loading? It could be any of these options:

  • http://www.searchenginesherpas.com
  • https://www.searchenginesherpas.com
  • www.searchenginesherpas.com
  • searchenginesherpas.com

Your .htaccess file can help define other types of things too like redirects, making pages private, setting passwords, and 404 error pages. Most of these rules are automatically written through a program called cPanel, but sometimes you might need to edit the file to add further customization.

robots.txt file for SEO

Search engines use “spiders” to crawl your website and index your pages in their massive databases.  When your pages gets indexed, so do certain characteristics of your pages, called meta information.  Search engines can then determine whether or not your pages are good or bad based off of those characteristics.  In this scenario, you may not want Google, or other search engines to index you.  In the robots.txt file, you can specify which pages on your site you do not want crawled by search engines.  The file itself should reside (similar to .htaccess file) on the root directory of your server.  For example, searchenginesherpas.com/robots.txt. A good example of how to use this file would be if you ran a website that had a private members area.  You probably wouldn’t want private member information shared in search engines, so you could write one simple line in the file to block pages with the URL:  searchenginesherpas.com/private/anything-after-here.

Clean URLS for SEO

Clean URLS for SEO are very important.  If you go to a webpage, for example: www.searchenginesherpas.com/services, that is exactly how it would appear in your URL after you entered it.  Some sites do not use clean URL structures, so their URL could appear like: www.searchenginesherpas.com/?p=13.  This is not good for SEO.  Search engines like seeing keywords everywhere, so your URL should be no different. If you have a page with multiple words, a good example of a clean URL structure with multiple words in the title would be something like: www.searchenginesherpas.com/social-media.  Using a hyphen – to separate words is the best practice.


Other Technical SEO strategies that can help

Creating data reports used for analysis.  Search Engine Sherpas uses a mixture of third party tools from the industry leaders in SEO to analyze the health of your website.  Various factors ranging from on-page SEO factors, backlink reports, and technical guidelines.  These reports are created to present information clearly with images to help understand even if you have no technical knowledge.

Google penalty assessment can also be a concern if not addressed immediately.  Search Engine Sherpas will help identify and resolve any penalties incurred by Google which might be affecting your search engine rankings and traffic.  This is important because if your website relies on organic web traffic to convert into sales, your business can be impacted.

SEO site auditing is also another great way to get an idea of the quality of your website.   Our SEO site auditing service will provide you with a report and a rating out of 100 on the overall health of your site.  It will also detail areas of your site which can be improved.

After reading this page, if you require help with any technical SEO issues, the Sherpas would be glad to help you.  Get in touch with us by requesting a free quote, or even just to send us a message through our contact form to ask questions.  We like talking all SEO matters including Technical SEO.