Facebook allows over 1.5 billion users to keep in touch with friends, family and their favorite brands while sharing all sorts of content.  With over 60% of users connecting everyday to discover new content and network with friends, this means Facebook can be a great platform for your business to promote, market and create in-depth engagements with your audience.  Not only are you able to spread the word about your business but you receive valuable market and consumer information at the same time. Facebook is the new “word-of-mouth” and creating a social community around your brand can quickly snowball viewership.  Facebook offers organic or paid marketing opportunities and Google has also hinted that social signals from Facebook may be a valuable tool for website SEO. Your business may want to think about deploying a Facebook strategy in combination with your other marketing efforts to expand your range of influence.

Is Your Business a Candidate for Facebook Marketing?

Businesses of all sorts are taking advantage of the reach Facebook provides to boost their online marketing strategies.  From small local businesses to large national brands, chances are your current and future customers use Facebook already.  Reach your target market organically through your Facebook page or choose to implement a paid advertising campaign that targets a chosen demographic audience with your products or services.  Reaching your prospects has never been easier or more effective.

Facebook Marketing the Sherpa Way

The Sherpa team knows what’s best for your business.  We develop effective marketing strategies custom built for your business and your market to engage your target audience.  We work to achieve your goals by expertly building content, choosing a mix of organic and paid strategies to increase followers and your presence on the Facebook network.

Contact our expert Sherpa team to make Facebook Marketing a part of your online strategy today.