What is LinkedIn Marketing?

LinkedIn is known as the platform for professionals to network with their peers, stay up to date on industry news and build careers.  LinkedIn also provides businesses like yours with a tool to promote awareness of your brand, find customers and create leads.  The potential to drive business means that LinkedIn marketing is a necessary component of your complete marketing strategy.

Is LinkedIn Marketing Right for your Business?

LinkedIn offers a place for professionals to network and develop business relationships or find out about your business.  Currently the largest B2B networking platform and featuring over 5 million unique users every month, LinkedIn is an essential component in any businesses social media marketing mix.  Place your business in view of well0educated and targeted users and market your ideal audience.  LinkedIn enables finely tuned campaigns that target users based on education, employer, industry, job title and many more.  Targeting a specific B2B audience has never been easier or more effective.

The Sherpas use LinkedIn marketing to round out your social media marketing strategy by using both organic and paid campaigns to create exposure, gain followers and accomplish efficient B2B networking.  All aspects of a LinkedIn strategy from Search Engine Sherpas are custom tailored for your business’s situation and goals, with an eye to helping your online presence and driving awareness.