Target the Right Audience Through Social Media Advertising

No social media marketing campaign is complete without social media advertising.  As part of a complete PPC campaign, social media advertising can deliver:

  • Increased brand awareness and brand recognition
  • More traffic directed to your brand’s website
  • Enhanced follower growth
  • Better email and consumer information lists
  • Ability to promote events, campaigns and products
  • Efficient use of your marketing dollars

Social media advertising with Sherpas creates goals and engages social media platforms relevant to your brand to go to work for you.  Our social media advertising can be combined into your PPC advertising campaign to achieve results and increase the reach of your brand.

Tools at our disposal:

Facebook advertising:  Paid Facebook advertising is an excellent way to get noticed by your target audience through ads that are tailored to your goals.  Advertisements such as offers, promoted posts, remarking, conversion ads or Like campaigns are a great way to leverage the power of Facebook for your business.

Twitter advertising:  Twitter features an advertising platform that allows for promoted tweets or promoted campaigns that build brand awareness.  Reach your target audience easily with a custom Twitter ad campaign.

LinkedIn advertising:  By using LinkedIn campaigns featuring paid updates, the Sherpas ensure your message reaches your target audience.

All our social media advertising campaigns are tracked and monitored for performance so that we can continually improve your advertisements ROI.

Build authority and awareness for your brand, get noticed by your target audience and get targeted traffic to your website through social media advertising from the Search Engine Sherpas.