If you have a community on any type of social platform, a great way to engage those users and promote growth is through social media contests.

Everybody likes free stuff, right? Why not have a social media contest to give away a prize and make your community happy? The more you do this within your social community, the more people will keep coming back to your community and share it with others.

A good strategy would be to write a contest page on your actual website, then promote it through your social channels.  Part of your contest could stipulate that in order to participate, you share either the website URL, or social page to 5 friends, then a winner would be picked at random.  Or, you could request that someone take the best picture of a product from your website, and share it with their friends.  The most likes, or comments on that picture promoting your brand would win.

If you get consistent with your social media contests, don’t be surprised if you have sponsors reaching out to you to host contests on behalf of them.  This is very common if your social media pages get large enough.

social media contest

What can a strong social media contest do for your business?

  • Build your fan base
  • Boost your sales
  • Drive engagement
  • Strengthen your brand
  • Reward your customers

Social media contests can build your fan base. Similar to SEO, the ultimate goal in achieving growth through social media is by having your fan base share your content to others who aren’t currently following you.  SEO focuses on creating backlinks pointing back to your content, while social media wants to engage people in community niches and get them sharing your content.  If you have interesting content, and people share it, you will build your fan base. When you have a strong fan base, it is much easier to convert those followers into customers of your product. One of the best proven methods in doing this is by holding regular contests.  They will attract the type of people you want following your page because if they are entering your contests for products you offer, that means they are interested in your business.

Social media contests can boost your sales. Once your fanbase starts to grow and you are able to channel some of that traffic to your website, you will start seeing an increase in sales.  If you launch a successful a social media contest and your fans get to see the value of your product, it will help attract new customers.

Social media contests will drive engagement to your profiles and website.  The best way to get people sharing your brand is by promoting great content which will engage users and give them an incentive to keep coming back.  Having a contest is one of the best methods for this.

Social media contests can strengthen your brand. If you know that your brand and product is strong, why not have a contest and give away some free products? People love free stuff and also love the feeling of winning something.  It makes them feel special, and if you can tie your brand to that special feeling, it will strengthen your brand because people will remember it and share it with their friends and family.

Social media contests are a great way to reward your customers.  I was in a coffee shop the other day for a couple hours writing some content, and one of the staff from the coffee shop gave me and everyone in the shop a free drink of a new product they were launching.  This isn’t exactly a contest, but it is giving away something for free.  I will be a lot more inclined to go back to that coffee shop now because I felt as if the staff cared about me.  You should have the same approach with your website and when hosting a social media contest.  If you’re able to reward your customers, it will go a long way and chances are they will come back for more.

The Search Engine Sherpas would love to help your business with their social strategies.  We enjoy coming up with new and exciting ways to promote your content and business through various techniques like social media contests.  Please visit our Search Engine Sherpas services page to find out more.