If you’re looking for help with your Social Media Posting, the Sherpas can help.

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, you might need help with organizing and posting your social media content.  Other factors involving social media posting might involve what time of day is it best to post a fresh new article you have just written on your blog site.

There are certain times of the day when it is most optimal to make a social media post.  To get the maximum engagement, it is important to post during these times to reach the most users possible.

What are the best times for social media posting?

The truth is, the best times might vary depending on your business and of course, the geographical location in which you are situated. Our task is to find out what these optimal times are for your social media posting, and to develop a calendar and set a schedule to post your content for maximum engagement.

How do we figure out the best times for social media posting?

The best way to figure out the top times is to test out a few posts and measure the engagement to see what works for your community. Certain social media platforms like Facebook have a built-in insights pages to help guide you when to make these posts.  For example, if you are an admin on your Facebook page, you will have access to see when your fans are online. We can then schedule posts around these times.

facebook insights graph

Another factor in growing your social profiles are how many times per day, or per week should you post content.  Some communities that post 12 times per day might get a little annoying.  Another community that only posts once every two weeks might become boring.  The key is to find that sweet spot between excessive and underwhelming.

If you are starting from scratch, and don’t have strong insights built up to determine user engagement patterns, there are many statistical sites that track overall patterns.  For example, it is commonly believed that the best times to post on Facebook are on a Wednesday around 3PM.  Other good times to post are Sunday afternoons.

The worst times to post are early mornings before 8AM and late and night after 11PM.  Friday and Saturday nights are also poor times to post social media content.

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