What Is YouTube Marketing?

YouTube has become the world’s second largest search engine next to Google.  Online users access YouTube videos for everything from entertainment to research to advice and DIY tutorials.  Billions of videos are being watched everyday meaning your business needs to put itself in front of this massive audience through paid advertising or video content.  A YouTube marketing campaign not only impacts your marketing strategy but also your brands SEO because Google consistently ranks YouTube videos in top search positions.  The time to take advantage is now!

Is YouTube Marketing Right for your Business?

Every business needs to have a YouTube business account in order to create and feature video content to engage your customers and create awareness for your brand.  YouTube enables a myriad of ways in which to engage your audience and create authority for your business, helping to become a knowledge leader in your industry. Your unique videos can help your brand differentiate from competitors and gain a competitive advantage.  YouTube marketing can also be used as a form of market research by paying attention to the views and comments your content receives.

The Sherpas know how to make YouTube work for your business.  We help you set up your YouTube business account, help in creating video content to promote your brand and use paid YouTube advertising to boost the power of your message.  Get the second largest search engine on your team with YouTube marketing from the Search Engine Sherpas.